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Note : If you are having problems sending emails thru OpenWPlus, please download the update from the Latest Update link below to upgrade to the newest version of OpenWPlus or ClubPlus which now allow you to use your own Email settings in the system. Hotmail, Outlook and Live email addresses were being blocked by Microsoft from receiving emails sent through OpenWPlus and ClubPlus.


OpenWPlus is based on the highly successful Open for Windows but has been totally rewritten to run on Windows 7 thru to Windows 10. (For both 32 and 64 bit versions.)

OpenWPlus has been updated to allow for the new Finals format as described in the 2017 ISSF rules and the new Womens 60 shot Air match (Jan 2018).
(See ISSF Website for a summary).

OpenWPlus was used as the scoring system at the 2019 WA1500 World Championships held in Australia.

Latest update - 5 March 2021

More about OpenWPlus...   

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ClubPlus Database

'ClubPlus Database' is a program for tracking Membership, Scores & Fees for shooting clubs. A great help with the administration of shooting clubs; manage your Membership Details, Club Fees, Weekly Scores, Licence Details, etc.

Totally rewritten to run on Windows 7 thru to Windows 10. (For both 32 and 64 bit versions.)
Cleaner design, faster and more robust than ever before.
ClubPlus is always being updated and improved, so I welcome any feedback or suggestions that help enhance the program.

More about the ClubPlus Database...   Latest update - 24 March 2021

AusPistol.com.au will continue to support the OpenWPlus and ClubPlus software programs.
Please ensure that if you are using the OpenWPlus or ClubPlus programs, that you check this website for the free updates regularly.

Contact : auspistol@auspistol.com.au