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ClubPlus Database

ClubPlus is based on the highly successful Club Database but has been totally rewritten to run on Windows 7 thru to Win 11 (32 and 64 bit versions).

Note : this program is under development so some functionality and reporting is yet to be implemented.
Demonstration names, scores, fees etc are included in the 'test' copy of the software.

Use 'ClubPlus' for the administration of Pistol Clubs. Manage your Membership Details, Club Fees, Weekly Scores, Licence Details.

'ClubPlus' is able to track:
  • Club Member Names and Addresses
  • Record Weekly Scores / Attendances
  • Personal Best and Handicap Reports
  • Display current Club Records
  • List Financial / Unfinancial Members
  • Report Transfers / Resignations
  • Report on Overdue Fees
  • Report Change of Address details
  • 'Mail Merge' with popular word processing software
  • Email members directly from within the ClubPlus program

ClubPlus uses a SQLite database for data storage. SQLite databases are not designed for 'multi user' enviroments and as such, ClubPlus should only be used a 'single user' product and not as a 'multi user' (ie simultanious users) system. The developer does not take any responsibility in the case of any data corruption if the system is installed on a Google Drive or similar 'internet based' drive system.

Download the Demonstration copy of ClubPlus

Save the installation file (clubplussetup.exe) to your computer and run it to install the program.
(150mb disk space required for installation.)

Note : My Windows 10 PC gives me a message saying that 'clubplussetup.exe is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous', if you get this or a similar message, please 'Keep' or 'Save' the file and open or run it to complete the installation.

Cost - $590     Contact Bruce at auspistol@auspistol.com.au for any more information or to order a copy of ClubPlus.
(Available by internet download only - Licence files will be emailed out once the software is ordered and invoice paid.)

Existing users, please check ClubPlus Update Page for the latest notes about the update.

Note - the Update is for current users of ClubPlus, it is not a full installation file or update to the original Club program.
The 'Demonstration Copy' (as per above link) will have the latest update included in the install file.

Download Update