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OpenWPlus has been designed to help in the scoring of competitions for all ISSF, Service Pistol, Service 25, WA1500 (150, 60 & 48 shot matches) and Black Powder matches.

OpenWPlus is based on the highly successful Open for Windows but has been totally rewritten to run on Windows 7 thru to Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit versions).

OpenWPlus uses a SQLite database for data storage. SQLite databases are not designed for 'multi user' enviroments and as such, OpenWPlus should only be used a 'single user' product and not as a 'multi user' (ie simultanious users) system. The developer does not take any responsibility in the case of any data corruption if the system is installed on a Google Drive or similar 'internet based' drive system.

Download Demonstration Copy

(2 November 2023 - 54mb file.)

Save the installation file (openwplussetup.exe) to your computer and run it to install the program.(150mb disk space required for installation.)
My Windows 10 PC gives me a message saying that 'openwplussetup.exe is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous', if you get this or a similar message, please 'Keep' or 'Save' the file and open or run it to complete the installation.

Existing users, please check OpenWPlus Update Page for the latest notes about the update.

Note - the Update is for current users of OpenWPlus, it is not a full installation file or update to the original OpenW program.
The 'Demonstration Copy' (as per above link) will have the latest update included in the install file.

Download Update

Latest Update - 2 November 2023

A very brief overview of OpenWPlus : (Click on a screen image below to see a bigger picture.)
main menu
Main Entry Screen.

Entries can be recorded along with Entry Fee information and of course grades for matches entered. Reports that list Entries by surname or by entry number are just a click away.

Other reports such as Shared Pistols, Range Registers, Bank Deposit slips, Chronographing lists, etc are available in the program.

A redesigned 'email' function can quickly send competitors squadding and results via email very easily. Automatically include other parties (ie State Assoc.) in results email out.
(Internet connection required.)

main menu
Scoring screen.

Scoring features the same functions as OpenW, including being able to enter scores as either 5 or 10 shot totals or as single shots. The program calculates totals automatically and sorts the results into order allowing for Shoot Offs or Countbacks. Scores can be entered using just a single keystroke, making this method of data entry faster than any calculator.

Scoring of 'Finals' is also possible in OpenWPlus. Print a 'notice' for listing the Finalists in a match, along with any comments about the Final.

main menu
Reports screen.

Reports are generated as html or PDF files that are viewed using the built in Report Viewer. OpenWPlus makes it easier to send completed results to competitors and State Associations with just a couple of mouse clicks without leaving the program. (Internet connection required.)

All the current Pistol Australia grades are included along with provision for Open, Disabled, Junior, Veteran, International and 'Ungraded' competitors. There is even a report to list all the current grading scores for easy reference.

CSV Files for creating Labels and Presentation Cards using MS Word (or similar Word Processor program) by mail merging into your own template. (Sample templates for both Labels and Presentation Cards is supplied.)

main menu
Support screen.

Easily contact Bruce for any software support questions by goung thru the Help menu, 'Send message to Support'. This sends a 'support' email out directly from the program. (Internet connection required.)

Note - Creating backups of the competition data will be the users responsibility. Contact Bruce for suggested software and methods to do backups. (I have been testing the database extensively over the programs development and have not had any data corruption or failure in that time.)

Cost - $590     Contact Bruce at auspistol@auspistol.com.au for any more information or to order a copy of OpenWPlus.
(Available by internet download only - Licence files will be emailed out once the software is ordered and invoice paid.)